Camp Is...

Camp Anothen is about people.

Summer Camp is about people. Each summer our camp staff work tirelessly throughout the day to provide a unique and engaging experience for our campers. Camp Anothen staff then goes back to their high schools and universities to study and participate in sports and various organizations. Like so many of us, these guys are busy. That is why it’s so great to see our summer staff come back out and volunteer at camp during the school year.


Something More Valuable.

After years of working and volunteering at other camps I know we couldn’t have a camp without these wonderful people. I also know that these young men and woman find something here at camp that is more valuable than a Saturday off from work or school. In my experience a worth while summer camp that delivers fun in the summer while placing a premium on relationships.

Sharpening Iron.

Camp Anothen will be building additional activities for the upcoming summer. As we do, there is a clear philosophy behind every thing we do. We want to grow leaders which is more important than our rides, pool, pond, zip-lines, ropes course or programs.

These last few volunteer work days have been focused on grounds keeping like pruning trees, spreading mulch and getting rid of poison Ivy. None of that is fun on its own, but add great people to the mix and suddenly you have conversation, jokes and genuine affection and friendship. People want to belong, they want a tribe. Camp Anothen works to be that place. As a Christian organization our mission is focused on encouraging our staff in their walk with the Lord and we do so with the relationship in mind. As iron sharpens iron, so one [believer’s] faith sharpens another. Camp is about people.

Jonathan Williford