Leaders in Training

Leaders in Training, (LITs) fill a very important role at Camp Anothen.

The basic themes of summer camp haven’t changed much in the last century. Get outdoors, enjoy God’s creation, play games, make friends and build memories that will last a life time. There are many formulas that make a camp run – but all of them come back to a very simple theme. Camp is for fun, its for discovery, its for growth… and camp is for relationships.

Going to camp is always fun but kids grow and suddenly playing games no longer satisfies their maturing heart. There comes a point when these teens want responsibility and need something more than just being carried along. If that’s your 12-15 year old, then the LIT program is for them!

Being an LIT is about making the transition from camper to counselor. We give our counselors autonomy, purpose and mastery (the chance to be sharpened)… we set our LIT program on the same principles. Our goal is simple: use the summer to train the type of person we would entrust our future to.


LITs get to play, but not as a camper.

Working as an LITs is not a regular summer camp experience. We place demands and responsibilities on their shoulders and require that they work hard. LITs represent a unique growth opportunity for modern teens who increasingly find themselves at home and in-front of a screen. Camp Anothen is a way for your to invest in something bigger than themselves.

LITs make the camp work.

Camp is fun and LITs help make sure it runs smoothly. Our LITs assist our counselors, play with the campers, and ultimately keep camp running the whole summer. LITs develop close ties with their campers and quickly learn that being part of a team is an excellent way to spend the summer. LITs get the experience of developing relationships, being valuable to someone else and the opportunity to be someone’s hero.

Jonathan Williford