Summer Camp FAQs




Good news! With a few *exceptions, we have a no-questions-asked, 100% refund policy. Please submit your cancellation request through the camp office by emailing

*We will not process any refunds for camp weeks that have already passed.

*Refunds for cancellations during your week of camp are only applied to the remaining days in your week of camp.

*We do not offer refunds if your camper has been sent home because of disciplinary problems. Please see our disciplinary policy below.

*Snack Shack money is not refundable. Please see our Snack Shack policy below.


WHAT TIme is drop off & pick up?


Early drop off starts at 0730.
Regular drop off starts at 0830.
Gates close and Camp Programs start at 9am.
Half-Day Camp pick up starts at 1145. Ends at 1200.
Day Camp pick up starts at 4pm and ends at 430pm.

After Camp is available for $5/Camper/day. After camp extends camp hrs from 4pm to 5pm.

Campers in After Camp will not go to pick up. Instead, they will participate in a special after camp schedule.

Pick up for After Camp starts at 5pm and ends at *5:30pm.

*Please respect our staff’s time. Campers picked up later than 5:30pm will be charge an additional $10.


what happens if it rains?

Camp is fun and we have camp even when it is raining. We move campers to the barn and the Manger in the event of lighting. It is a common practice for outdoor summer camps to continue their camp program in spite of the weather. Please feel free to check out our Facebook page for updates. Click here for updates.


who is my child's camp counselor?

We recruit and hire camp staff from local high schools and regional universities. We complete this process and assign your camper to a counselor by the end of May. Your counselor will contact you and your camper one week before camp starts.


what should my child wear?

Every day is a water day so please dress your Camper in their swim suit and a pair of shorts, t-shirt and close-toe-shoes.

Our Swimsuit policy eliminates lengthy clothes changing sessions to save time and protect the modesty of your camper and our staff.

Girls: Modest one-piece swim suits.
Shorts with RashGuard Shirts are also appropriate.
Boys: No Speedos.

Half-Day Campers pose for a pictures right after snacks.

Half-Day Campers pose for a pictures right after snacks.


is there a lost & found?

 Yes! The lost and found is located at the Camp Office.
Our counselors work hard to deliver the best camp experience possible. That means having your camper return home with everything they brought to camp. You can help them by sticking to the packing list and making sure your camper’s belongings are clearly marked with their name.


how much sun screen should my child have?

We spend most of the day playing outside in the woods and in the fields of camp. Please make sure you apply sunscreen to your camper before you drop them off and send it in your camper’s camp bag. Your counselor will monitor your camper and may re-apply Sunscreen unless otherwise directed by the parent. Sunscreen is included on your camper’s packing list.


can I pick up my child early from camp?

Camper Check-Out Policy:

Campers can only be released to a parent or legal guardian whose identity is made available to the office during the registration process. The counselor will ensure that our policy is followed during drop off and pick up.

Parents may pick up their kids earlier that normal pick up hours but will need to notify the camp office.

The front gate is closed after drop off and will reopen just before pick up. Please be ready to present your driver’s license to sign your camper in and out.


what should we bring?

*Note: Cell phones are prohibited for safety and security reasons. Staff will confiscate and store cell phones until the end of that day. Cell Phones will be returned to the parent/legal guardian. Campers may be sent home without refund if found to have a cell phone at camp.

Below is a list of items that your camper will need while at camp. Remember to mark all of your camper’s belongings with their name.

Water in a refillable container: We have plenty of refreshing and free water at Camp – but please send your camper with a refillable water bottle. Size and Shape are your choice.  

Lunch and Drink (we recommend more water): There are no food restrictions at camp. Pack what you like.

Sunscreen: Please apply sunscreen to your camper before you send them to camp. We do have sunscreen at camp and our counselors will re-apply the sunscreen unless specifically asked not to.

Towel: Large or small, this is for use after each water activity.

Water Shoes: Please send your kiddos to camp with closed-toe shoes.

Hat and Sunglasses: Optional but recommended.

Please refer to downloadable packing list for other items you should NOT bring to camp.


We have a phone in the camp office that is available for camper use.

Their counselor will also use a smart phone to contact parents and send daily pictures.

The office will have the camper’s contact information on file.

Can my camper use the camp phone to call home?


how does my camper use the snack shack?

Camp Anothen has a Snack Shack located just off the main camp office. The Snack Shack stocks a variety of snacks and drinks available for purchase by the camper.

New for our 2019 season: Parents may add snacks to their child’s account by logging into their camp account.

Snack Shack credits are non-refundable. Any remaining snack shack credits are deposited into our camper scholarship fund to help us make camp available and affordable to all campers.


Tell me about your disciplinary policy:

Our Philosophy: Its important to note that as a Christian Camp we are going to apply a philosophy of confession, repentance, restitution and reconciliation.

Confession: This is what I did wrong.

Repentance: I will not (insert behavior) again.

Restitution and Reconciliation: What I did was wrong. Please forgive me.

These are very simple terms but they carry an enormous weight in developing a mature person.

Application: We spend a lot of time training our staff on how to solve interpersonal conflicts in their groups. Our view is that conflict is a normal part of life and results when two or more “wills” collide.

Therefore the most important aspect is resolution of the conflict. Human being are capable of complex emotions and our campers are learning how to navigate the world.

From time to time the need arises for campers to be disciplined, here is the way we correct mistakes, lapse in judgment and failure to follow directions or control one’s self.

1st offence: Verbal Correction

2nd offence: Time out (parent is notified).

3rd offence: Send to the Office (parent is notified).

Being Sent to the office is a big deal and will result in a call to the parent from one of our directors. Depending on the offence the camper may be sent home for a day, week or the entire summer.

As always, the camp staff reserves the right to send campers home at their desecration and may skip steps the in the process depending on the offense. Please contact the camp office with any questions.

Do you have a question that we didn’t cover?

Feel free to contact us at  817 - 672 - 5285  or