about playing at camp

Dear Friends and Parents –

It is extremely common for modern kids to spend most of their time indoors. Summer Camp may be the first time many campers have played outdoors for any sustained period.

Our Campers will spend their entire day playing outside and it is inherently hazardous. Like riding a bike, swimming, or playing a sport. Therefore, we would like to remind our parents of some of the common injuries and irritations related to outdoor play.

Scrapes and Bruises: The ground at camp is naturally uneven.  The most common camp injury is a scrapped knee and wounded pride resulting from someone tripping on a root or stepping in a hole.

Insect Bites and ticks: The most common bites are from Mosquitoes, Bees, Chiggers, Ticks and Fire Ants. These bits and stings are possible put less common than a fall and can result in minor irritations. Please make sure you indicate any insect allergies your child may have.

OFF is a good way of preventing most insect bites. You may apply this to your child as needed or desired.

Sun Burns: Playing outside is fun.  We will play outside all day long and spend as much time as possible under the canopy of the woods. However – using sunscreen prior to everyday activities is an excellent way of protecting against burns. Please apply sunscreen to your camper before camp.

Camp staff will apply sunscreen to your camper unless otherwise noted.  

Heat Injuries: Heat Injuries occur when a camper has not hydrated sufficiently throughout the day. Soft drinks will not provide your camper with sufficient water; please ensure that you are packing water with your campers lunch. Our staff will work hard to ensure that you camper is hydrated.

camp waiver

We have great staff and an awesome program. Even so , we must tell you that camp can also hazardous.

Please see our waivers here.